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Meet our Brand Ambassadors

We're delighted to work with some of the most talented doll and pony customisers to showcase our products and give inspiration for those starting out in customising.

Check  out their Instagram, Face book and You Tube accounts to see their work.

Also check out our Shared Gallery and add your own work with The Doll Hair Emporium products

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Podly Dolls

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Rachel Godfroy Scott

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Worlds Within Worlds

Hi, I’m Georgia.
I officially started customising dolls in 2016 but I remember childhood dolls with red pen blusher and unfortunately styled explosions of matted hair.
Luckily, I’ve learned a little since then (and continue to learn all the time – that’s the beauty of this hobby!)
Once I’d discovered the customising world, I decided I needed to find my niche and T. T. Rimer’s fictional guide book of fairies just popped into my head. It was one of those situations where everything just felt ‘right’.
One day, I plan to sit down and organise all the back stories and photographs into an actual book but that would mean time away from dollying – which I love....

Hi I'm Rachel, I've been designing and customising dolls for almost 20 years, and it's been amazing watching this hobby flourish and expand! I love making dolls look completely different and pushing the boundaries of colour and style. Sindy is my favourite doll to customise as she looks amazing in pretty much any look I give her and she's great to photograph.  My dolls are inspired by Japanese kawaii style and crazy fashion trends. 

 As a toy designer, I've used The Doll Hair Emporium's hair for many years now for countless doll designs.  I love the enormous range of very high quality hair and I even invented a doll brand 'Twintails' inspired by this store!  I've also been very lucky recently to have been part of the design team for the new Kid Kreations Sindy collector doll range and was very grateful to The Doll Hair Emporium for supplying me with all the beautiful hair for all of the prototype dolls.  They looked gorgeous!

I feel very honoured to have been asked to be a brand ambassador, and I'm looking forward to creating more custom dolls using the gorgeous hair from The Doll Hair Emporium!

Hi there!

I'm Fallyn, a doll artist from "sunny" Northern Ireland.

Rerooting is my favourite part of customising as I find it very relaxing.

I love to work on Monster High dolls, but I also like to try out new brands when I can!


Unnie Dolls

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Blonde Bratz Reroots

Hiya ! I’m Connor A.K.A Blondebratz on IG.

I’m from the UK. I love customising/restoring second hand Bratz dolls!

When I learnt how to reroot I initially hated it as Bratz dolls have very hard heads and it was time consuming. But once I got the hang of it I became much faster and it became very addicting. The finished result is always so rewarding ! I love rerooting because it’s a great way of restoring old dolls and giving them a purpose x 

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Epony Art

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Doll customizing sister duo from Poland Alex and Barb, also known as Enchanterium.

We mostly customize fashion line dolls like Monster High and Ever After High, but venture into bigger vinyl dolls such as Smart Dolls.

Our dolls are mostly fashion/fantasy creatures and our favorite hair fiber is nylon.

Hi I’m Epa,
I have been customising my little ponies since forever! I started getting into it after collecting, which I then abandoned in favour of customising.

I love creating new characters so tend to do my own OOAK

(one of a kind) designs rather than Hasbro based customs.
Recently I have also started to flirt with doll customising.

I’m enjoying the added challenge of ‘clothing’ and ‘hair styling’.

My name is Kata. I started to customize Monster High, Ever After High & Blythe dolls in 2014.

My favorite hair type is nylon which I use to reroot fashion dolls.

I like that the nylon is shiny, yet soft and light, so it is easy to work with it.  



I'm Josep from Barcelona, Spain. It all started when I joined a Barbie doll group six years ago and found out that some of the members changed the dolls hair. I decided to give it a try.

The begining was quite difficult but little but little I discovered new tips, techniques and materials and found The Doll Hair Emporium. 

Now Im really happy taking commisions and making people happy with their dolls too!!

More frequent projects are Poppy Parker, Nu Face, FR but I make also Silkstone and Barbie, any kind of order.

The more challenging the better for me, I enjoy making them, I find it relaxing and Im so exited to see how customers enjoy my work.


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Hi, I'm Geri.

I like to use Monster High and Ever After High dolls for customs but Cave Club dolls are really fun too!

I love to reroot and customize dolls because rerooting is very therapeutic for me and customizing is a great way to let your creativity flow

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